Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Too many great euphemisms to swallow in one store

Thanks to a new sweet spot on Lyndale, this little sex shop has been creating a huge buzz. And it’s not just the wide assortment of pretty-in-pink vibrators lining the Smitten Kitten's shelves. (OK, that's partly the sound when you walk into this warm and friendly 2,000-square-foot space decorated in dildos and, uh, hardwood.) It’s also the progressive politics of co-owners Jessica Giordani and Jennifer Pritchett, two ladies with degrees in women’s studies. The J's have made it their mission to embrace diversity and educate customers about how to get the most in all matters of sexual pleasure—from sex toys and DVDs to masturbation and... well, let's just say it: anal sex. And they take their fun very seriously. Pritchett and Giordani founded a sex-toy consumer-advocacy organization called the Coalition Against Toxic Toys (CATT).

To that end, every toy at the Smitten Kitten is safe and enviro-friendly. The store doesn’t carry any items made of “jelly” rubber, which is porous and can release harmful chemicals into those sensitive parts. Instead, the Smitten Kitten carries a wide array of fun, totally safe, and all-too-affordable items for her and him.

The compact Yoni finger massager, for example, goes for only $29, while the even tinier “bullet” vibrator sells for $19. We were a bit skeptical about the Fun Factory “Dolly Dolphin” vibrator (something about those smiling eyes), but Fun Factory also has a line of straight-ahead classic vibrators in every color of the rainbow that start at $59. Leather whips with tickly tassels start at $19, and for you guys looking for love on the cheap, the Smitten Kitten sells packets of Stroke gel for $2.50.

The Smitten Kitten also offers classes and workshops, and every Sunday from 10 a.m. till noon, a weekly knitting circle where all levels of crafters are welcome. Last week, one of the store’s female sexperts held a course on the art of the strap-on. In the next few weeks, the store promises a workshop on anal sex, and for Valentine’s Day they are bringing out the big guns: a masturbation workshop and singles mixer. But you better sign up today. Space is limited—though, of course, your libido may not be.

(Guys, a special hint: Don't ask her if she wants a vibrator. Just buy her one! What's she going to do, throw it away?!)

The Smitten Kitten,, 3010 Lyndale Avenue South


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Jason DeRusha said...

I figured it wouldn't take long before Pinch got dirrrrty....