Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Two wheels good, four wheels bad

Have you noticed the proliferation of people on bikes all over our fair city? Even in the dead of winter? OK, so the globe is warming up and one of the upsides is year 'round cycling... well, some of us ride even when we get the weather we actually deserve here in Minnesota.

Biking is the new punk rock (with the added bonus of being cool no matter who you are, what you ride, or how you look). And if that's the case, then One On One is the New Punk Rock's Longhorn & Duff's rolled into one. Awesome vintage touring bikes line the walls next to the latest carbon-unobtainium euro-racers; boutique steel singlespeeds stand proudly next to Italian track bikes. Indie Fabs live harmoniously with Colnagos, commuters cohabit with free riders.

In the front at the bar, rumor suggests it may be the best cup of coffee in the city. In the rear is the gear and the full-service shop.

One on One is owned by Gene and Jennifer Oberpriller who--to carry on the punk rock metaphor-- are the Beej Chaney and Lori Barberri of the cycling world. But you don't have to be a chain-smoking, hard-drinking courier on a fixie to get treated like a regular respectable human being in this bike shop. One of our favorite things to do is hang out at the coffee bar and watch the steady stream of empty-nesters who have moved into the Warehouse district and haven't bought a bike in 20 years. The staff is never too cool for school, and serious bike activists and aficionados will know right away that One On One carries some of the most affordable, soulful bicycles you're likely to find anywhere.

One On One, 117 N. Washington, Minneapolis (Around the corner from Sex World), 612.371.9565

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