Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A Great Euphemism For Sex or The Best Gas Station in Town?

Like you, I'm not one of those fussy, fastidious people who will drive 20 miles to save 5 cents. Therefore, I guess I am extremely lucky that in a pinch I can PUSH my car to the cheapest and best gas station in the Twin Cities. That would be the Pump 'N' Munch at 44th and Nicollet in South Minneapolis.

Earlier this year the little gas station with the naughty moniker was named City Pages' Best Gas Station. And although that is a somewhat diluted and dubious honor, sharing the fishwrap with such specious superlatives as "best barista," "best museum exhibit," and "best boxer," it's an honor we are gratified to say is well deserved.

Despite the installation years ago of card-swipers at the pump, and free air at the compressor, I almost always find a reason to pop inside and say hello to Alex or David, the two guys who seem to cover almost every shift every day.

Even if it didn't reguarly sell the cheapest gas in town, it's the one place I've ever bought a Powerball ticket... and I can't think of anyone I'd rather share the glory with, when I eventually hit the jackpot.

Pump 'N' Munch
4401 Nicollet Avenue South

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