Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bikes and coffee and punk rock

Seattle and San Francisco are frequently cited as the most bike-friendly towns in the U.S. But the Twin Cities would certainly rank higher, if winter weren't such an impediment. Or is it? Even with -30 windchills, it's amazing to see how many people are still commuting to work these days, and you can chalk it down to the cities' great bike paths, bike lanes, and bike inclusivity.

It's not just Minneapolis' yuppie mayor who's behind all this. The Twin Cities have been a hub of bike industry and bike culture for many years. Two of the nation's largest wholesalers of bike parts are headquartered here. Park Bicycle tools are made here, and World Cycling Productions is based in St. Paul. Rivendell bike frames—to the cycling crowd what Bradleys are to the motoring crowd—are constructed here.

And our favorite local bike industry? The coffeeshop/bike galleries that are springing up around town, like Cars-R-Coffins. Actually, Hurl Everstone's little java shop on South Lyndale is the come-to-life avatar of his bike/punk rock 'zine of the same name. You've been seeing CRC tee-shirts, socks, and waterbottles for at least a decade now (we've spotted them as far away as the Catskills in New York), but Hurl struck upon the idea of opening his own coffee shop last year.

If biking really is the new punk rock, CRC is its 7th Street Entry.

CRC Coffee,, 3346 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, 612-822-4130
CRC 'zine,

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