Friday, January 5, 2007

Ladies: Your butt will LOVE these pants

Pants. Jeans. Slacks.

Ladies, you know the challenge. It doesn't really matter how prestigious the brand, you have to try them on. It can take hours in front of the mirror to convince yourself that the fit is right at the waist, over the hips, through the bottom and on down to the ankles. And if you're mail-ordering? Forget about it. Stock up on the bubble mailers and buy a postal meter, because you'll be corresponding for weeks.

That's why we got so excited about Universal Pants. Years ago, Twin Citizen Liz Plambeck started buying vintage tablecloths and curtains and factory seconds. Then she bought herself some pinking sheers and a serger, and began designing loose-fitting pants she and her friends wanted to wear at home and on the town. She stitched them together in her Powderhorn apartment, and she's been doing it ever since.

The result? "These pants will make your ass look great!" says Plambeck, and she's right. Not only are they comfortable, retro, and indie, these pants look great on virtually anyone who tries them on. The trick? Plambeck cuts her pants (and skirts!) on the bias. This has an unusual, bum-enhancing effect that you won't believe until you try it.

It's no wonder that Plambeck's one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed, natural-fiber designs are so hard to get. Rumor has it that Gallery 360 is carrying a limited supply, but for best results you should contact Liz Plambeck directly. She typically carries 40-50 pairs at a time, along with wraparound skirts and childrens wear, priced from around $50.

Buy one pair, and your ass will be addicted—we guarantee it.

Liz Plambeck, Universal Pants: lizp (at) visi (dot) com

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