Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why the "e" key is crunchy

You don't need an excuse to visit the city's monumental new gathering spot—the downtown Minneapolis Library, with its fjiord of glass and birch. But here's an unexpected one: go for the snacks. In particular, we've recently become addicted to Dunn Bros' 7-layer bar, a deeply decadent, deadly sweet confection baked by Mrs. Feldman's Desserts in Nordeast.

This isn't the only public library with a coffee joint attached, but it certainly is the most elegant, with its tall ceilings and leather easy chairs. The free wi-fi brings out the city's hipsters. It's a chic urban crowd; unfortunately the somewhat steep prices ( a small cup of joe and aforementioned little brick of gold will run you close to a fiver) keep the normal, inspiring diversity of the central library's patrons just outside the cafe door, flowing through the scandinavian canyon.

In the summer, the libe's wi-fi carries nicely outside. We like to peck our little notes from the sunny courtyard outside the Eastern facade. But if you get addicted like we did, you can eventually expect a somewhat crunchy keyboard.

Minneapolis Public Library, http://www.mpls.lib.mn.us/
Mrs. Feldman's 7-Layer Bars at Dunn Bros, http://www.dunnbros.com/

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