Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lame name, cool bar, great secret gig

Forget the mix of new-urban coolsies and old-school bar-stool warmers hanging out in Club Jager: The first things you notice at this swanky North Loop neighborhood joint are the tin ceilings and stained-glass windows. The domed Craftsman-era lamps and golden moldings. And the disco balls that turn the marbleized walls into liquid.

Wha? Mirrored orbs dancing alongside the shadows cast from stained-glass candles? Ok, it’s the single visual anachronism in this otherwise perfect Arts and Crafts time warp. And it works in this cozy little palace party room, because did we mention that it turns the walls into heavenly waterfalls?

This toasty spot on the corner of North Tenth Street and Washington Avenue also has a fireplace and minimalist leather chairs, the kind you can lounge in like you’ve just completed reading Fitzgerald and are about to retire with a high ball. Yes, a high ball, because that’s what you’d be drinking before retiring to your mission-style bed. And thankfully, Club Jager serves up tummy-warming liquor-filled drinks like Vanilla Nut Coffee ($6.50) that will aid in that retiring.

Of course, they also serve beer and wine, too. But save that for the nights when DJ Jake Rudh brings over his Transmission nights from the Hexagon, beginning March 7. The former Radio K deejay will have a weekly Wednesday gig at Jager, spinning everything from yacht rock to garage rock. In celebration of Mr. Rudh and his nostalgia machine, Jager promises drink specials, like $2 PBR’s.

But for tonight, right before the supposed big blizzard that will keep everyone locked safely in their caves like little cubs, music fans can cozy up to the fire and coffee-filled highballs and acoustic sounds of Kid Dakota. KD’s Darren Jackson will play a solo set on the bar's little stage. And all around him, the disco balls will turn the walls into waterfalls.

Club Jager:

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