Friday, March 2, 2007

Bark at the moon

Minnesotans couldn’t ask for a more poetic and dreamy weekend. Literally. Layers of downy snow blanket the city. Whiteouts make skyscrapers disappear in magical ways Copperfield could never muster. The sky is hovering so close to the ground you could poke your head through its milky center. And the lunar eclipse on Saturday will turn the moon into coffee and caramel. It’s as if Henry David Thoreau and Robert Frost were the ultimate Farmer’s Almanac, predicting with perfect visual acuity how the Twin Cities will appear on Saturday, March 3.

Thoreau often referred to the moon as “cheerful.” And tomorrow from approximately 3:30 pm till 7:15 pm, the happy moon will enter the earth’s shadow, causing it to turn shades of crimson and rust.

There are a number of spots around town to view the shadowy satellite. For starters, the Minnesota North Star Chapter of the Sierra Club is hosting what they’re calling the Lunatic Bonfire and Moonlight Hike in Inver Grove Heights. And at Coldwater—the birthplace of Minnesota—everyone is invited to participate in a moonlight walk, which includes the traditional group howl.

Personally, we can’t think of a better place to check out the mahogany-moon-lit snow than in Northeast Minneapolis. There’s nothing quite like the view of the snowy city dancing in the Mississippi along the Broadway Bridge. Plus, we’ll be in the neighborhood checking out Lit 6's Electric Arc Radio Show at the Ritz Theatre at 4:00 pm before heading over to the Mill City Café for local artists Paul Taylor and Kendall Bohn’s “Cyborg Fish: A night in Outer Space with Multi Media Art and Music." And what better way to prepare for a night in outer space than watching celestial bodies morph into balls of glowing candy?

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