Monday, March 12, 2007

One last drink on ice

The lakes, you may recall, were open water into January. Disgruntled Twin Citizens got a lift when the mercury finally fell, and soon standing water was frozen to a depth of two or three feet. Ice fisherman came out like a blaze-orange infestation, dragging their black cargo tubs.This seemed to provoke snow.

Because of winter's late arrival, though, some of the lakes that are normally cultivated for ice skating were left fallow this year. Needless to say, there was not as much skating as some would have liked.

So, in filling a winter wish for a spring birthday, a family rented the studio ice rink at Parade Ice Garden, and invited a dozen nine-year-old girls.

Seventy dollars reserved the sheet for one unshared hour, and included free skate rentals. (Nice skates, too! Leather-soled Reidell's with sharp, stainless blades.) The ceiling was low and the walls were close, scuffed by a battery of pucks. The rink was not quite half the size of a normal hockey arena, but was used nonetheless.

The light was flourescent. The air smelled like glue. And the children filled the room with great piercing squeals of delight.

Parade Ice Garden,, 612.370.4846.

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