Thursday, March 8, 2007

A literal approach to recycling

There's something about the way the sun slants through the windows in March. The rays become little promises of spring, a silent vow to light lovers that lilacs really will bloom again and that grass won't stay the color of Uncle Ernest's dirty blond hairpiece forever. It's a month of anticipation: You know the best is yet to come.

Personally, we can't stop thinking about dusting off our bikes and getting out on the Midtown Greenway. Thankfully, then, one of the best bike shops in town is opening a new shop and celebrating with a gigantic sale this Saturday. The Hub Bike Co-op is moving one building north of its old location to 3020 Minnehaha Avenue. The employee-owned and -run shop will have what they promise to be "rock-bottom" prices on 2006 closeout bikes, 10 to 40 percent off select merchandise, and free pedal-blended smoothies all day.

The employees also will put on free workshops all day, including a single-speed workshop for the bike hipsters who want to outfit their own cool mode of city transportation. And at 11:00 am, Ms. Butternut takes to the trapeze to celebrate the grand opening with swinging acrobatics.

If you're a new to the biking scene, this great shop won't make you feel like a novice. And they have the Sheila Moon wool-fleece hoodie for $92.99, which makes the winter-spring transition easier to bear as you're speeding down the Greenway, past that one guy's house with a yard built by the flora gods, around the paths to Cedar Lake, all the way out to Robbinsdale, and back to the Midtown Global Market again and then on to St. Paul, just because you can't seem to get enough of it.

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