Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A taste of the near future

In March, there is logic but not much pleasure in eating locally and seasonally. That practice at this season leaves about a dozen soft potatoes with jaundiced eyes staring up at you from the bin, and frozen wieners deep in the icebox. So, in spite of Lent, Californian strawberries are eaten with cream and liberal guilt. Kale the color of the Carribean somehow materializes in the crisper.

And then a little gray postcard arrived in the mail the other day. It was a reminder. Time to sign up for one of summer's great blessings: Community Homestead's CSA, which expresses itself in a weekly waxed boxful of fresh organic vegetables grown in St. Croix Valley dirt. It's like receiving the seed catalogue with a promise that your order will arrive fully bloomed, harvested, and washed long about June and continuing into October.

A small family can sign up for a $275 weekly box. A large one can sign up for the $475 rig. A note of caution: At the peak of summer kale, you'll need to arrive at a strategy for an extended greens menu, or some sort of neighborhood feed. For this reason, we like to split our box with a willing friend or family member. And do plan a trip out to visit the spread. Community Homestead is a beautiful 140 acre farm near Osceola. It is operated by an extended family of 40 folks with special needs and special skills, from dairy farming to woodworking and baking.

Community Homestead: http://www.communityhomestead.org/

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Laura said...

The CSA's website notes a $375 small box fee (not $275 as noted in your posting).