Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Are you ready to meet someone new? You should meet Paul Schmelzer. Or rather, don't worry too much about meeting him. He's a very nice man, but you should get to know his work.

Schmelzer is a man about town and a workhorse of the editor/writer/reporter variety. He's a regular contributor to the Minnesota Monitor, an independent consortium of bloggers and reporters that--get this--actually interviews people and witnesses real events, and then publishes the result according to something they quaintly refer to as "traditional journalistic standards." PS pens the media criticism column, and he talks to the talkers and reports on the reporters and somehow manages to get his keypunchers on a whole lot of secret memos.

The man also edits the Walker's quarterly magazine, one of the finer publications you never read but you should. He rides herd on the Walker's never-ending house-party of blogs, and to top it all off, he has one of the funniest little art projects going: He asks celebrities to sign HIS autograph.

The concept and execution are much simpler than the description, but Schmelzer basically asks celebrities to sign the name "Paul Schmelzer." He posts the results at (Our favorite: Mikhail Baryshnikov, who took the time not to sign Schmelzer's request, but to write "Not Interested, Thank You." That cost him eight extra letters. You don't stay at the top of classical ballet by wasting energy! The example in the picture above is Jesse Ventura's.)

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