Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hopped up on crank

What may have been the biggest event on the calendar for Twin Cities bicycle freaks happened last Saturday. 'Twas the Art Crank Poster Show for Bike People, at One on One Bike Studio.

We tend to shy away from crowds, and this was a doozy: 500 Minnesota cyclists in their courier drag managed to drink 5 kegs of donated beer. And they lined up right out the door for the chance to buy one of about 45 limited edition prints created by Twin Cities artists with special bike love.

But the opportunity to buy fantastic local art at pavé-level prices continues for two more weeks: Many of these terrific posters by artists like Ken Avidor, Amy Rice, and Nicki McCracken are still available for purchase for around $10-15.

Biking is the new punk rock, and you can't have punk rock without a uniform, a badge, and poster art.

Art Crank Poster Show for Bike People, http://www.artcrankpostershow.com/

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