Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joanna James sneak peek

Joanna James's "Disappear" might be the most heart-shattering, gorgeous, and we're-all-alone in-this-world-together song of the year. We've played the delicate tune over and over, obsessing over James's raw and personal lyrics that slant through souls like warped shadows; they've become our own lonely mantra, a private ode to poisoned hearts and don't-look-at-me-like-this shame.

When she sings, "Close your eyes, dear, I want to disappear," we're right there with her, escaping the only we we know how with the only person on the planet who seems to understand. Sounds super-sad, right? Actually, the song, about an emotional death, is deceptively life-affirming. James's sweet voice is angelic and empathetic and as honest as they come. No one's alone when there's someone as pure as James doing all that mourning and weeping for you.

Tonight at the 331 Club Martin Devaney and Eclectone Records, his local label releasing James's EP "Back of My Mind," is holding a sneak-preview listening party for James, starting at 8:30. Yes, you can hear it a week early and fall in love, too! Since James's actual CD-release show isn't until April 26 at the Varsity, the listening party will be a cure-all for our James-heavy hearts. And darn it all, we're going to call it early: This will be the record of the year.

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