Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sing the songs of the piano man

You know how "they" say you haven't truly lived until you've nibbled on a crispy, chocolate croissant from Sir Captain McButterfield's Buttery Wonderies while simultaneously dipping your recently pedicured paws into the shores of Gitchigomee? Well, we're pretty sure Sir Captain McB passed away long ago. And making toe-cicles on icy shores might have been what killed the ol' British sea captain/croissant king anyway.

So why not do the next best thing instead? At the swank and renovated Club Jager in the Warehouse District (at the corner of Washington and Tenth St. North, just a few hundred miles away from the Gitch!), tonight you can sit around a piano and a warm fire, sing along to a rousing version of Metallica's "One" in the key of, uh, piano, and drink buttery Bailey's and cream, a foamy Summit, or any other kind of deliciously boozy brew.

Piano man Peter Dugan plays all the hits live on the keys, and takes requests for hundreds of sing-a-long tunes. Duran Duran? Check. The Buggles? He sings "Video Killed the Radio Star" with his nose plugged. Toto? Yes-o.

He might (jokingly) call you a philistine for requesting any of the loads of '80s and '90s tunes that fill his extensive songbook. But just tell him you're trying to live, darn it, and seizing the day includes hearing Twisted Sister in D-minor.

Club Jager:

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