Friday, May 11, 2007

Check out those jugs!

Years ago we became obsessed with tracking down "ephemeral films," those educational flicks from the '50s and '60s with sanctimonious voice-overs and sweet-as-a-dimple topics that covered healthy hygiene, stranger danger, hellish highways (it is like traveling with a drunk skeleton!), and weenie-roast etiquette.

So when we got word that Ephemeral Space Gallery was holding a one-night exhibit this Saturday at 1331 Tyler Street Northeast, featuring the good-ol'-time music of the Como Avenue Jug Band, our ephemeral-obsession rattle started shaking again. But mostly we got all cranked up about checking out Ephemeral Space's 20-plus artists and the always-great Como Avenue Jug Band. (Old-school! New-school! Spoons! Laughter! A possible nod to "Axel F" and other awesome things!)

Ephemeral Space has put on a number of great one-night-only art shows around town, including the Dog and Pony show. And Saturday's show promises to be even better. It's juried by Michael Gaughan (Ice-Rod, Brother and Sister), Weisman Art Museum associate curator Diane Mullin, and local photographer Angela Strassheim, whose eerie and magical images from her "Left Behind" series appeared in last year's Whitney Biennial.

And as pop-up stores and nightclubs became all the rage across the pond, in our fair cities it's all about the sweet little pop-up art spot, where more than 20 artists and folks playing giant glass jars can create a flash of inspiration.

Ephemeral Space:
Como Avenue Jug Band: