Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ten seconds to paradise

Chronicling moments with his clunky video camera seemed so pre-Cell-Era. Like looking at Protozoa through a plastic magnifying glass. Moments were smaller now. And his cell-phone camera accommodated them just so. They were little blips. Flashes even.

Besides, his video camera still held the fingerprints of the one who left him. On it was the residue from graduation, Paris, their first Christmas together. The camera still sleeps in a drawer along with the videos containing all the pieces of life it captured. Sayonara, past life!

He had his cell camera now, and on it were 22 moments--tiny movies--of life as he knew it now. They were all unedited. Real. Tiny. And raw. There was the little passing-moment film he made of, well, passing moments--the shissssh...husssh...of traveling, by car, beneath a series of bridges in a rainstorm. This one, he thought, is award-winning.

So he entered it in Soap Factory's Ten Second Film Festival, which takes place right after St. Anthony Main's fabulous fireworks display on July 4th. Mini-movie-makers can enter up to six films--all ten-seconds or less, and all made using anything but a video camera. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, June 23.

If he wins, he'll get a hamburger from Grumpy's. He's a vegetarian. But it's okay, because he'll also win a trophy and sash, which he will parade around proudly under the July stars and firework tails.

Ten Second Film Fest, rules and deadlines:

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