Friday, June 22, 2007

Feed your sacred heart

She was having a bad day. She needed to get away, run, maybe start over. Paris. That's where she should be. Suddenly she understood the true meaning of "Montmartre" (mountain of the martyr). Because there she was perched on its highest peak, in downtown Minneapolis, in the frozen and eroded parts of corporate America, where the click-clop of slip-on heels are like the warnings of a thousand horse hooves: "They're coming! They're coming! The enemy is coming!"

Wait..why was she being such a martyr? She just needed to change her perspective; to do something worthwhile; to seek an escape from the mundane. That's why this Sunday she's going to the Nicollet Island Pavillion, where the Parisian neighborhood of Monmartre will be reborn to benefit the Starry Night Collective, a nonprofit organization that offers students with emotional and behavioral disabilities the opportunity to learn and create art and music, and to express themselves in unique and healthy ways.

At 8:00 p.m. on Sunday (and for an admission price of $20), the Minneapolis-turned-Paris neighborhood will feature $2 glasses of wine, a silent auction, food, and entertainment--including dancing by Lili's Burlesque and loads of French-inspired performances, from follies to vaudeville.

Not only will it be for a good cause, but it's Monmartre. Unlike her mountain, it's a place that, you know, gets her.

Starry Night Collective: