Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The mother load

There are few domestic duties that pain us more than doing laundry. (And we don't even use rocks!) For some people, it's a ritual that soothes the over-active mind: the whirr of the washing machine; the nimble arms in wing-like conductor poses with every fold of a towel or freebie T-shirt; the storing away of the fresh goods in a safe place, just like the past.

For us, we'd rather be tearing into a thorny artichoke with a sore mouth while simultaneously realizing the nightmarish horror of being caught stark naked in public. (See! It's because we couldn't find a gosh darn clean thing to wear!) That's why, on those many days when the duty has become too overwhelming, we find ourselves with a pot o' gold (and bags of laundry that weigh nearly as much) at Rainbow Laundromat in Uptown.

For only $1.00 a pound, the friendly folks at Rainbow will do the washing and folding for you. And for only $1.25 a pound, they will pick it up at your place and drop off the next day, ready to wear. We recently dropped off a whole winter and spring's worth of stray items at Rainbow, and in less than 24 hours we had them back, professionally folded, and ready to be stored away like last year's Christmastime meltdown. Yes, for just 30 bucks, we now have an entire weekend to enjoy indulging in other life-changing activities, like properly eating artichokes for the surprise dinosaur-like middle, and prancing around naked--or wearing our clean clothes--whenever we please.

Rainbow Laundromat: 2540 Hennepin Ave.; 612.377.3365