Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A ride worthy of Dr. Seuss

The coolest vehicle in the city? It's not that '55 Chevy at Porky's at the Midway. It's not that pocket bike downtown on Washington on a Thursday night. And it's not even one of those wacky tallbikes that looks like an escaped section of scaffolding.

No, the neatest vehicles in town are those Dr. Seussian paddle-wheel driven milfoil eaters that are presently making the rounds on our namesake lakes.

Just yesterday, we beat the heat by swimming illegally through the sailboat buoys at Lake Harriet, and discovered to our delight that the milfoil eaters have been busy munching away at our most ubiquitous alien species.

Just take a moment today to consider the ingenuity of humankind--which, in this case, is sort of chasing its own tail, since we're responsible for the infestation in the first place. But still.

PMC Aquatic Harvesters,