Friday, June 1, 2007

Tilapia of luxury

The Grand Rounds Scenic Byway takes bike riders, runners, walkers, and picnic-seekers on the best tour of the city. From the chain of lakes to the Mississippi and around Theodore Wirth, one can view the skyline--which, from these parts, glistens like it's made of copper and pewter and magic mirrors--under a canopy of Weeping Willows.

Near the end, right at Minnehaha Falls, is your reward, a little pot of gold at the end of the riding rainbow. Yep, we're talking about Sea Salt, the lovely seafood restaurant in the Minnehaha Park pavilion.

The grilled tilapia tacos are the best in town, decorated with spicy salsa and fresh cilantro. Of course the catfish po'boy, etouffee, soft-shell crab, and fish basket are things of beauty, too, just like the Grand Rounds that brought us there in the first place. When you arrive at your reward, the outdoor tables are waiting for you, wine and beer are served, and the Falls whisper mantras ("ohm," if you want) that sound like truth. Does summer in the Cities get any better than this?

Sea Salt Eatery, 4825 Minnehaha Ave.; 612.721.8990

Grand Rounds Scenic Byway: