Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Heathen and earth

Sometimes we want to go all fancypants. We want to celebrate things like new jobs, new beginnings, and falling in love. We want to toast full moons and big hearts and giant skyscrapers decorated with clouds. We want to praise the day and the night like both Pietists and heathens--and we want to do it wrapped in thick, downy duvets and with a head full of sweet strawberries and bubbly champagne.

Downtown Minneapolis' new Westin Hotel, located in the former Farmers and Mechanics Building, is all fancypants and retro-modern and gloriously high-design. The rooms are like art pieces reflecting simplicity and patterns, and the ways they are repeated with perfection in life and earth: There are squares making baby squares, lines connecting in mid-life, and waves creating fossilized drips. And right now, the newest Minneapolis hotel is offering sweet packages, like the "Indulgence" offer that gives you a treat upon arrival, free breakfast, and late check-out.

Of course the stay wouldn't be complete without a trip to the lobby restaurant, B.A.N.K. Here, we had one of the most fabulous dinners we've had in a while. The arugula salad comes with a creamy, lemon-emulsion dressing decorating the side of the bowl like lickable dessert ($8). The salmon was as fresh and thick as a filet mignon ($18). And the molten chocolate cake was as close to God as any gluttonous, heathen-esque celebration can get.

Minneapolis Westin, 6th and Marquette

BANK Restaurant