Thursday, January 18, 2007

Get out of my dreams and into my art

Good art should be like your dreams: fantastical, a little bit quirky, a tad nightmarish around the edges, and, yes, even a little bit sweet now and then. Meet Jennifer Davis. The Minneapolis artist’s mixed-media collages are like those distorted, eerie, and warm-fuzzy images from childhood that crept into your peppermint-candy-striped brain just as your head hit the pillow.

In Davis’ world, crimson monkeys hang from bare trees. A red-eyed squirrel covets an electric acorn. Two pig-tailed dogs in girly pastel sundresses fly a kite. And, of course, there’s the two-headed girl decked out in sunset-pink who hands a garland to, uh, herself. It’s like Davis has burrowed a hole into your brain, snuck away with those pre-REM, slumber-ready visions, and turned them into illustrative and dreamy works of art.

Davis is an obsessive collector of old books and magazines, which is where she finds many of the nostalgia-inducing images that she cuts and pastes into her works. Lately Davis has been fascinated with winged wonders; you’ll often find a bird flitting through the scenery. One of our recent faves: A canary-headed woman in a designer skirt clutches a tres chic handbag. (Davis is primarily a picture-maker—but we're saving against the day she actually creates some of these awesome accessories. )

Best of all, Davis’ numerous works are affordable. Small pieces go for around $100, while her mid-sized works (8 X 11 or so) start at around $400. So if you’re looking to add to your art collection, chances are Davis has snatched an image you'll recognize from your sweet dreams.

Davis' current show at One Yoga Studio runs through January 31.

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