Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The coolest "local" rock T-shirt of the year

T-shirts are interesting, aren't they? Fashion is always a sort of indirect statement about your identity, but a logo T-shirt can be so much more direct: The clubs you frequent, the countries you travel in, the politics you believe in, the brands you support. And, of course, the bands you listen to.

Or maybe just another 100 percent cotton foundation garment? Pajamas for the terminally lazy? Not!

So, another salient question: What do you do with your old T's when they wear out? It can be heartbreaking to throw that old moth-eaten Motörhead T in the rag bag—the one your second boyfriend gave you on your third date on your 22nd birthday. The best way to overcome such tragedy? Stay ever vigilant and on the lookout for cool new merch to replace the old. Your dresser drawers cry out: Rotate your stock!

We recently ran across what has to be the coolest rock 'n' roll tee for the coolest band in the country. We're talking the Hold Steady, and we're talking their awesome retro-Twins tee. At $15 from Blue Collar Distribution, you can have your cool and eat it too. In fact, check out the complete line of Craig-Finn-Approved Hold Steady T's. Use this opportunity to grow and evolve: lose the Sam Goody, Pop Shoppe, and Vote for Pedro retrowear. Embrace the Hold Steady.

The Hold Steady T's, $15 from Blue Collar Distribution:

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