Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hey, you got your salt in my chocolate!

Chocolate is like Led Zeppelin. You just can't argue with the historic importance, the healing power, or the raw carnal pleasure of McElrath toffees or Black Dog's B-side

On the other hand, you don't need some sort of lame-ass recommendation, right? Some sort of a primer on percentage of pure cocoa content, right? These days, getting a chocolate tip is like a Zeppelin Rock Block on KQ.

Well, we were quietly pecking away at the computer just last night when the spouse dropped by and popped a small square of chocolate into our mouth. It was an Alice-in-Wonderland, down-the-rabbit-hole experience; a tiny orgasmic explosion of pure chocolate with a toothsome crunch like toasted rice—except that crunch came from little bits of delicious sea salt. (Because you're so smart, you are aware of how hip boutique salt has become in recent years: One person's iodized Morton is definitely not another's Fleur de Sel.)

What was this crazy, unique confection? It was a small wafer of Lake Champlain Chocolate, which comes from Vermont, but is carried locally by your finer grocers. You don't need to hear us prattle on about it, anymore than you need to hear "Stairway to Heaven" again on KQ. Just get your butt over to the Wedge and ask for the good stuff.

Lake Champlain Chocolates are available at Whole Foods and Kowalski's but we've historically bought 'em at The Wedge:, 2105 Lyndale Avenue South, Phone: 612-871-3993

You can also order the BIG bars online:

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justacoolcat said...

"Just get your butt over to the Wedge and ask for the good stuff."

To further the analogy would't that be like calling up KQ and requesting "Whole Lotta Love"?