Thursday, January 25, 2007

Living history

Everyone knows that Spider John Koerner, Dave Ray, and Tony Glover were "cornerstones of the folk-blues revival" of the 1960s. They helped create the West Bank scene that eventually launched the career of a little fellow named Robert Zimmerman, remember him?

And the trio could have followed "Bob Dylan" down the dusty highway to New York, but they decided to stay close to home—right there on the Palmers-400-Viking continuum. (The fact that they stayed put didn't keep them from releasing "Blues, Rags and Hollers," on Elektra in 1963, still considered canonical.)

And they still live here; although Dave Ray recently passed away, his spirit certainly lives on. Tonight, you can catch Koerner (kids: he's the one on the geetar) and Glover (mouth harp) in their home element at the 400 bar. And for a lousy five bucks, that's cheaper than almost any show—or museum—in town. Respect your elders. And stomp your feet. Arrive early with your honey and canoodle in the cozy backroom.

  • 400 Bar,, 400 Cedar Av. S., Minneapolis, 612.332.2903
  • Koerner Ray and Glover at Red House Records,
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    Devaney said...

    Right on. I've been catching most of these Thursdays and they are Great...