Friday, January 26, 2007

Shaken, stirred, and with plenty of ice breakers

There's a spot in Minneapolis that some people say extends into forever. It stretches over the Mississippi, across the ends of the earth, and into waterless dimensions. Others look up at its muscular, extended arm and call it the perfect meeting of man and mechanics: a shrine to industry and humanity.

But we prefer to think of it as the best make-out spot in town. It's the "endless bridge" at the Guthrie Theater, and tonight you can check out its make-out-worthiness during the Guthrie Learning Center's first-ever martini mixer.

Tonight from 6:30 till 8:00 p.m. the theater architect-fetishists call "subversive" and "seductive" will host a crash course in theater-based ice-breakers. Guests can sip on a variety of spicy or fruity or just plain strong martinis from the bar while partaking in collaborative, instructor-led activities of dance, movement, acting, and poetry.

The 90-minute class costs $15. It's just one in a series of courses the Guthrie launched his month--from beginning acting to memoir writing to tap dancing. Aside from tonight's event (which is 21-plus), we're looking forward to "Singing the Classics" on January 31, where we will gain enough gumption to annoy our friends with our wise-guy renditions of Porter, Berlin, and Gershwin classics.

Tonight's tip: The endless bridge will no doubt be packed with lurking lookey-loos hoping to glimpse into eternity. So put your newfound acting skills to use and pretend the bridge is filled only with the night's nose-numbing air—and love. Because there's nothing wrong with sneaking a romantic public peck on the bridge to everywhere and nowhere.

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