Friday, January 12, 2007

Secret Sale Alert: Anthropologie

Sweet, feminine embellishments. Silk that hugs the right places. Mother of pearl buttons. Afternoons in French cottages circa 1940. Evenings on the yacht circa 1977. Late nights at the underground New York club circa 1984.

These are all the things that the girly clothes at Anthropologie are made of. And we can’t get enough of it—especially when so much of it is up to 40 percent off.

Sure, the hefty price tag dangling from these soft, fine goods can have you creeping for the door (and all too often wishing you’d gone into vintage-inspired fashion). But a girl could spend days scouring thrift stores—and cutting and patching together vintage fabric and buttons and that flower pin you spent three weeks knitting—just to get something close to that new-wave sweater and that Victorian-inspired sweetheart dress that calls your name from the racks of this Magnolia-scented shop.

Winter is far from over around these parts. In fact, they say a big cold snap is arriving this weekend. Perfect, then, that Anthropologie has tons of lovely jackets, outerwear, sweaters, pants, and dresses on sale that can help chase away those post-holiday mid-winter doldrums.

Plus, given Anthropologie’s girly styles (sleeveless, strapless, short sleeves) many of the layered designs—from the darling, ’80s torso-hugging t-shirt dress to the flowery, crocheted mini-dress—can be worn well into spring.

Another secret: Much of Anthropologie’s goodies regularly go one sale. So if you find yourself fretting over that full-price dress decorated in abstract, gem patterns (just like mom used to wear!), be advised that either the store in Edina or the one in Maplewood will likely have it marked down in a few weeks. So save that money for your gas bill, and keep checking back.

One more tip: The stores’ sales items actually vary quite a bit. If you can’t find a cheap price tag at the Edina store, it’s worth it to trek out to Mapelwood. And to assuage your guilt for not spending weeks thrift-store hopping and looking for the originals that inspired these gotta-have fashions, you can take a tip from Colbert, and say you’re going “thrifty” shopping instead.


4999 France Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55410

12413 Elm Creek Blvd. N
Maple Grove, MN 5569-7091

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