Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Her most delicate places

Last year for Valentine's Day, he surprised her with a huge gift: A brand new MacBook Pro from the Apple Store. It was love at first sight. She didn't go anywhere without her Mac tucked inside her courier bag. But after about six months, something was wrong. In the center of her screen, there appeared some irregularities, like someone or something had rubbed the screen too hard or touched it too often. But that was impossible! She never let anyone touch her most delicate

This year, he got to the bottom of her problem: Keyboard grime. Every time she closed her laptop, the screen contacted the fingerboard, and the natural oils that gathered there were transferred to the monitor. Simple problem, meet simple solution.

A quick trip to First Tech on South Hennepin Ave. revealed an ingenious product by RadTech called ScreenSavrz. For $16, he bought a small "microfiber" keyboard cover—it's like a thin piece of moleskin cut perfectly to size that she can sandwich between screen and keeb every time she shuts down. Even niftier? The cloth can be wetted and used gently to work on tough spots, even removing small scratches and buffing out pits.

Now that's a great way to prolong a love affair!

First Tech, http://www.firsttech.com/, 2640 Hennepin Avenue South Minneapolis, 612.374.8000
RadTech, http://www.radtech.us/


s4xton said...

FirstTech is one of those under-appreciated places in Uptown. Sure it's a tad bit out-of-place and has a high level of geekery, but they know their shit... and they know the right stuff to stock. I wish I got a kickback from this comment... !

Pinch said...

Agreed! I think the place has imporved ALOT in recent years. WHen I was in there to buy this keyboard thingie, they ran to my service and practically doted on me, without making me feel like I was a dirtbag for not dropping $5K on a new laptop or flatscreen.

Kudos to FirstTech!