Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Secret sale alert: The Salvation Army has the best spring line

Wasn’t it the great poet-philosopher of FM Radio Steve Perry who said that joy comes in rediscovery? Not to make light of Perry’s inward journey or his band Journey, but a recent re-rediscovery of the “as is” basement at the Salvation Army downtown has us feeling like we’re totally in tune with Mr. “Oh Sherri” Perry and his crotch-hugging leather pants.

The Salvation Army at North Fourth Street and Tenth Avenue has always housed a plethora of cheap brand-name goods. But on a recent trip to its basement we discovered a treasure’s chest of unworn, unused, price-tag-still-on designer items. In fact, this Salvation Army has boatloads of samples from Target’s hip and modern designers. And because they’re samples (items used in stock photos, circulars, etc.), they've never been worn. What's more, they’re often pre-season pieces that have yet to hit store shelves.

We scored a (super-cheap) flowered fucsia bag by Porenza Schouler, the next “Go International” designer whose 1980s-New York-inspired line doesn’t hit local Target shelves for a few more days. We also snagged an adorable winter-spring black Isaac Mizrahi blazer for $3, a pair of cropped velvet Behnaz Sarafpour pants for $4, and a pair of Isaac kitten-heel patent leather flats for $4 (they're new in store for $29.99).

Our greatest finds? A spring berry-colored Kenneth Cole bag for $8 and a sweet little feminine black Ella Moss dress with the Barney’s New York price tag still dangling from its lace-lined shoulder. Barney’s was asking $178 for this darling Great Gatsby-inspired number. But we took it home for only $25.

Oh, the basement of the Salvation Army downtown. We’re forever yours. Faithfully.

Salvation Army,, 900 N 4th St, Minneapolis, 612.332.5855

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