Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hipsters and chipsters unite!

Are you forever on the lookout for the perfect tortilla chip? You've been eating Little Bear Bearitos and Frontera for a while now—the organic white and yellow corn chips that come from somewhere in California or Colorado. And the truth is, you occasionally break down and buy a monster bag of agribusiness because that's all you can find at the corner store.

But the other day you found a new brand on sale at the co-op: Whole Grain Milling Company tortilla chips. It turns out these organic, non-GMO, high-protein tortilla chips are the bomb, and you are not the first to notice: They were mentioned in McSweeney's, the hipster literary quarterly and webzine sprung from Dave Eggers' forehead. There they have been called "the most unbelievable and delicious yellow corn tortilla chips ever to feed mankind." We agree. They're delicately crunchy on the tooth, slightly oily on the tongue, with a hint of salt to perfection. They're like sunshine fried in unsalted butter.

And they're made right here, by the Hilgendorf family in Welcome, Minnesota!

You don't need to know where Welcome, Minnesota is. We don't. But we know you can get these chips at the Wedge and at Linden Hills coop, and you should go and get them now. Unfortunately, we have not yet discovered a salsa that is equal to these chips, but we've been known to gobble a whole bag without so much as a sip of water.

Ralph Hilgendorf, Whole Grain Milling Co., Box 78, Welcome, MN, 612.644.6265

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