Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day for swingers

So you're late to the game—from Valentine's Day to the Swing Dance craze. Today is your day, and you can do both in one kick-ball-change. Consider the delighful, romantic, slightly bohemian environs of Four Seasons Dance Studio. It's a bright, ragged little room right in the middle of the city's most interesting alley, that dogleg of painted brick, ironwork, and pavé between Bar Lurçat and Lunalux at Loring Park.

And a run of five classes in beginning Swing will run you and your beloved just $60. Show up with your dancing shoes any Wednesday night at 6 p.m. for some low key lessons. But get there early to carve out your space on the floor: These classes are fast becoming the talk of the town.

Discuss the sudden popularity—the TV show or the movies?—afterward over a glass of prosecco at Lurçat. (Oh, and people! Either say "Loor SAH," or drop the "ç" and continue saying "Loor COT." True, it's hard to know which strategy would be less pretentious, but tonight it's all about earnest love.)

Four Seasons Dance,, 612.342.0902, 1637 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis

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