Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The ingenuity of an overcomfortable society

Sometimes you see something that makes you think, "My gosh, we've reached the peak of civilization and shot right past it." Late-night television and sweater pill removers are two of these things. And yet, we've made our bed and now we're going to lie in it.

Winter is waning, and spring has shown no buds. We're in that unsettling limbo between the girls and boys state high school hockey tournaments. Why not stay up all night watching infomercials and shaving your sweaters? Deep in the cedar chest, where your woolens spend the summer, you might luck out and find that jumbo lint remover that you bought on QTV last year for $10 and sheepishly extracted from your mailbox last March, making sure the mailman was over the horizon.

Conversely, if you never owned a pill remover, you could head out to the "As Seen On TV" store at the Mall of America. But that strategy seems almost as perverse as making instant coffee in the microwave.

Lint Shaver, $12.95, at,

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