Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's the water

When Pete Hautman wrote The Mortal Nuts, his novel set mostly at the Minnesota State Fair, he had one of his characters running a drinking water scam: Dude merely bought a bottle capper and saved up his Evian bottles, filling them with City of Minneapolis tap water. That's the sort of scam a Minnesotan can pull off, and one that any other Minnesotan can appreciate. And now life imitates art, or close enough anyway.

While International Falls fights with some upstart hamlet in Colorado over the ice-box moniker, the Iron Range city of Buhl, Minnesota has launched its own campaign to put their "finest drinking water in America" on the table. The Buhl city water tower has made that claim since 1901, and now the Buhl Water Company is bottling it and selling it across the land.

We don't have a lot of patience when it comes to taste-testing water. As long as it doesn't hit your tonsils like iron or smell like sulphur, we figure it's good to go. So Buhl's label says, "Proud of our Buhl Municipal Drinking Water" and "Pure NOT Purified" and that's excuse enough to buy local and steer clear of Coke's Dasani water and Pepsi's Aquafina—that is if you're the sort of person who buys bottled water. Say a transplant from New York or Mexico City or Oakwood.

Buhl Water Company, http://www.buhl-water.com

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