Monday, February 12, 2007

Your mercury is in retrograde

Now that we've emerged from the deep freeze—at least for the moment—let's talk foundation garments. Specifically, that age-old problem of transitions when you want to go back to dresses and heavy skirts, or that lightweight pair of dress pants.

But you feel stupid wearing tights, and extra high socks do nothing for your thighs. For years now, leggings have been an option, and we hear leg warmers are coming back. (We knitters have to be working on something beyond scarves, right?)

Seriously, though. We recently struck upon the perfect solution: SmartWool long underwear. The 100 percent merino wool bottoms are like coconut butter on your legs. Buy them a little small for a stylish capri cut. Buy them a size up for down-to-the-ankle coverage. You can even buy them in three different weights, depending on where the mercury is at, and the color pallette is simple but versatile, from black to plum and pink.

The secret at the heart of this noble obsession? Wool is the original super fabric. Today's microfiber merino is smoother than silk, it self-regulates from -20F to +75F, and it will stay odor-free for a week of continuous wear. You say, "Ewwww." We say it's still too cold to risk getting out of our favorite unmentionables.

$50 in microweight pink, $60 in midweight black, and more. Available at REI, Midwest Mountaineering, and Galyan's.

REI,, 750 W American Blvd, Bloomington, 952.884.4315
Midwest Mountaineering ,, 309 Cedar Ave. S, Minneapolis, 612.339.3433

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