Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Clearing her pipes

Because she always forgot to buy lint traps at the hardware store, she felt guilty about all the lint going down the basement drain from the washing machine. Her guilt finally paid off, when the floor drain backed up and the washroom was flooded with murky purple water. This sent her to the phone, gagging with disgust. She called the biggest brand-name with the biggest ads in the Yellow Pages. Classic nightmare scenario ensued: Guy was a jerk who treated her like an idiot, he couldn't do the job, wanted to charge twice the price.

Now she was pissed.

Her brilliant and together sister recommended a local mom and pop called Drain Busters. She called them up and had one of the most courteous and respectful business calls she'd ever had on the phone. Three days later, a strapping young man named Joe arrived, wiped his feet for a full minute on the welcome mat, explained that he'd first diagnose the problem, then snake her drain.

And that's precisely what he did, explaining that it wasn't so much the lint. It was the age of the house. Her 1920 bungalow in Kingfield had settled into its foundation, and the result was a marked decrease in the "pitch" of the drain pipe to the sewer line. A simple problem with many cheap solutions. For $65 and a six month guarantee, the problem was fixed, a friend was made, a conscience was relieved, and a lesson in 20th century architecture was learned.

It's unusual—but not illegal—to tip the drain guy.

Drain Busters, 952.925.9583

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