Thursday, March 29, 2007

So cute. So sweet.

Springtime gives us a hankering for the girly stuff. You know, cute things and sweet curiosities that come in pretty packages. Give us a basket full of lavender sachets, vintage jewelry, Parisian knick-knacks, French-inspired art, and honeysuckle-scented body creams that come in artful bottles, and we'll gladly give you a cupboard full of couscous, organic peanut butter, and granola "shake" from the bottom of a bag. (The magic spring-cleaning machine hasn't made its way to the kitchen yet.)

It's a good thing Galerie Sochi, which just moved to a new sweet spot on Snelling and Jefferson in St. Paul, has all of these fine, feminine wares and more. The little shop and gallery is loaded with French and Italian-inspired antiques and furniture, delightful greeting cards created by companies like Graphique de France, candles that bring springtime inside, goodies created by local artisans, and four cases of vintage and locally-made jewelery. Our favorites were the dainty cameos and unique rhinestone pins and brooches.

Best of all, the prices are reasonable. We snagged one-of-a-kind head scarves for under $10, and spotted a gorgeous and stretchy rhinestone bracelet for $38. Really, leave us a basket full of these sweet things and we promise to clean our cupboards for you.

Galerie Sochi:

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