Friday, March 30, 2007

Secret show for a secret blogger

Hey, get this guy some new glasses, why don't ya? This weekend, some of the funniest folks and writers in town are hosting an impromptu benefit for the funniest blogger in town.

Last week we brought you to the wonderful condo-busted neighborhood of Armitage Heights, a make-believe land full of small-town woes, an art/tagging team known as Kaos Crew, a Chuck Klosterman-type, and a gun advocate who recently died of dysentery. (Doesn't every town have those?) The brainchild of Andy Sturdevant, a local artist and sometime-performer on the Electric Arc Radio Show, Armitage Heights even has its own famous blogger in city councilman Sherman Larson, whose blog we called the best blog in town that isn't about our town.

Unfortunately, we found out that last week Andy Sturdevant (a.k.a Sherman Larson) was assaulted only two blocks from his home in South Minneapolis. He was bruised up pretty badly, lost his glasses, and had to go to the clinic for X-rays, among other things. (Would these things happen in Armitage Heights? Ask Marisha!) Sturdevant recently landed a new job, too, where his insurance doesn't kick in for another month. So his friends are hosting a benefit to pay for his medical bills and new glasses.

Called the SturdEvent (get it?), the benefit takes place in Studio 406 at the California Building (2205 California Street NE) in Northeast Minneapolis on Sunday, starting around 6:00 p.m. and going till around 10:00 p.m. Members of the Lit 6 Project will do some very special readings, other local artists and writers will be on hand to showcase their talents, and Sturdevant himself might even read from his blog. You never knew what could happen at a SturdEvent. All you need is a few dollars and a heart of gold (fool's good will do!) to attend. And who knows, maybe Marisha and Sherman Larson might make an appearance, too.

Electric Arc Radio:
Lit 6 Project:


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