Monday, March 19, 2007

Wee bit o' comfort in a weary world

So now you've had your fill of green beer (ack) or Irish whiskey (oof) and it's back to your workaday life as a random northern European mongrel. But if you didn't get started with the strong drink too early on Saturday, you might have noticed the menu. And if you were at Keegan's in Northeast Minneapolis, you might have spied the Shepherd's Pie.

Treat yourself today to one of the city's finest dishes of comfort food: it's Olde World tatertot hotdish. A baked duvet of mashed potatoes covers clusters of beef, peas, and carrots in a thick gravy which is touched with a hint of rosemary and sage. And it comes with a slice of authentic soda bread—not something you see at run o' the mill Irish pubs.

If you must, go ahead and have a little hair of the dog that bit ye.

Keegan's,, 16 University Ave NE, Minneapolis

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