Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where to get lubed and overhauled

In the service industries, there is often an inverse relationship between demand, supply, and integrity. The more you need a carpenter, the less reliable more carpenters seem to be. When they have an infinite supply of work, they seem to feel—well, less customer-service oriented.

That's why exceptions to this rule live long, happy, well compensated lives. When you find a golden auto mechanic, you jealously hold on to him or her forever.

Amigo Service Station at 36th and South Lyndale has kept one family going through four or five generations of cars. Todd and Pete recognize Mom's voice on the phone, they give head-of-the-pin estimates, they guarantee their work—in a word, they're all about the customer service, from tire leaks to transmission cataclysms.

Cheap? No. Worth every penny? Yes. Because that kind of security allows thousands of Twin Citizen to grow old with their used cars.

Amico Service Center, 3544 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, 612.822.6088

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