Monday, March 26, 2007

We're mad for these women

The whole gluten-free deal is on everyone's radar these days, and there is a strong ping coming from south Nicollet Avenue at 47th Street. That's where you'll find Madwoman bakery and cafe, Madwoman Foods' brand new retail space. Here you can buy straight from the source those awesome little tea cakes you've been seeing around town, and hang out in what our copy chief calls "Celiac's Central."

Mind, you don't have to be a celiac--nor even sensitive to wheat, which actually makes everyone a little gassy--to go crazy for Madwoman goods. Beloved brought home a stack of little flatbreads the other day, and we made personal pizzas for the whole family. They were delish. And 24 hours later, not a single fart! (Except the cook, who isn't entirely off gluten. Ahem.)

Madwoman Foods,

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