Friday, March 23, 2007

Serious home body

Weekends should be all about therapy. Not the running-on-the-
emotional-treadmill and all-
the-size-of-a-boulder kind of cognitive therapy we employ during the rest of the week. (That is work, after all, and darn it, you should be getting paid for it!)

We're talking about body, mind, and spiritual therapy that can only come from an hour-long shiatsu session done right there, in the comfort of your home sweet home, where the bed is only inches away and welcoming you with open arms to the best sleep you'll have in months.

Local shiatsu therapist Kristen Tredrea will travel to you for healing hour-long shiatsu sessions totaling a mere $60. Wait a minute...Are we saying you don't have to leave your house, Tredrea brings over the necessary gear like a comfy futon mattress and her impressive diagnostic and massage skills, and all you have to do is drink plenty of water to cleanse your system? Yes. It's true. She comes right to you. It's the best special delivery care package ever created.

Best of all, Tredrea is serious about her work and seriously skilled in the art of shiatsu therapy. There's not a pressure point or muscle that goes missed, and she will work out any serious kinks and focus on physical, mental, and emotional ailments that can be worked out from the magic touch of shiatsu. Quite frankly, we can't think of a better home remedy for all that ails us.

Kristen Tredrea, shiatsu massage therapist: 612-205-5174

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