Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Big Foot has been spotted!

Remember back in the 80s, when, like, everyone's global footprint was longer than a beanstalk? When Big Macs came in Styrofoam boxes and aerosol cans of Aqua Net turned bathrooms into fog cabins? (Pretty sneaky, sis!) Now we're learning how to reduce our global footprint. To be kinder, gentler, and to take baby steps as we take giant steps to reduce global warming. For the most part, we try to sow seeds of love and tread lightly on all that springs up. Tiptoe through the tulips like our own Tiny Tim.

But our feet are still really big and awkward. And sometimes it's easy to stumble over them. That's why there are events like Global Warming Day of Action on Saturday, April 14. From noon till 4 p.m. at the Minnesota State Capitol Mall, speakers such as Senator Amy Klobuchar, Representative Keith Ellison, and Mayor R.T. Rybak will gather to discuss solutions and actions Minnesotans can take to reduce pollution, create new jobs, and improve the environment.

Local musicians, dancers, and artists will also be on hand to celebrate the event. So far Jenny Dalton, Cosmic Railroad, and Gold Standard have been confirmed to play. But you can sign up for the email newsletter to find out what other performers and speakers have signed on as it happens.

Global Warming Day of Action: http://www.globalwarmingdayofaction.org/

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