Monday, April 2, 2007

Needle me

Sometimes things happen. And by "things," we mean circumstances that get your mind, body, and soul all out of whack.

It could be a common cold, a chronic illness, or something that made you feel like you swallowed an iron boulder. There's a giant chunk of deep earth resting heavily on your heart and it makes even strawberry gumballs taste like dirty camping-tent stakes.

In short, your Qi is blocked something fierce. You have a meteorite in your ticker. And, gosh darnit all, if a nightly dose of Lexapro and monthly visits to Ms. Western Doctor and her fancy clipboard and clicking pen just aren't fixing it.

That's why there's Point Clinic for acupuncture and Asian medicine, a sweet and loving and all-around good-hearted and good-souled place to treat all that ails you. Located at 236 Cretin Avenue South in St. Paul, Point is like a lil' haven of repose and restoration. We admit it. We're investigators of all kinds of therapies (we'll try anything! really!), and we can't think of a better place in town for healing treatments from compassionate, honest, and well-trained acupuncture practitioners and herbalists.

Run by Hongji Bessler and Kathy Carey, Point Clinic also is incredibly affordable. One acupuncture session (which usually runs about 40 minutes) is only $55; herbal formulas are just $12 a bottle; and Point accepts HealthPartners insurance. Aside from us, Bessler and Carey have tons of other happy clients, too. Patients credit the acupuncturists with everything from reducing their anxiety and increasing fertility, to relieving chronic pain and helping them to heal and walk again after a stroke. In fact, reading Point's client testimonials was our much-needed morning dose of heartwarming and lovely.

And that meteorite resting in our heart? Well, it's more like a pebble these days. Or a little nugget. And we like to think it's made of crystal. Or maybe beautiful marble.

Point Clinic:

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Oren said...

Thank you for informing me regarding this local business. I will be sure to solicit their services.