Friday, April 13, 2007

Pick up your Drums and Guns

We live in strange times. Today, it seems almost as if artists, movie stars, musicians and other public figures—heck, even private do-nothings like ourselves—are afraid to take a stand on the most pressing issue of the era: endless reckless pointless war. It's like everyone is afraid to be called a hippie.

Minnesota's best resident band, Low, has always been contrarian in all the right ways. They pioneered pure sweet "slowcore" at the height of the grunge fad. While they traveled the world supporting Radiohead, they still were the lifeblood of Downtown Duluth's dinky scene. And their deeply ethical and spiritual views keep percolating up despite the amoral, secular context of their industry and their nation.

Tomorrow night, get back in touch with soul, meaning, and message at Low's concert at First Avenue. Expect a stark and angry performance in support of "Drums and Guns," their brand new album from Sub-Pop. And for a sample of what this scene will be like, check Low's website, along with the video for their first new single "Breaker."

Low, "Breaker,"