Thursday, May 24, 2007

Consume me

Money was tight lately. She had just spent $50 on dinner--for herself. She wondered if her savings account was suffering from some degenerative disease. And she felt like such a gluttonous consumer lately, throwing money here, there, everywhere. She was turning over a new leaf this summer: She was going to live small; she would sell or give away all that she didn't need.

What then, was she to do with the Saks off Fifth sale going on today through Memorial Day? Everything in the store already is nearly half off--or more. And here they were, going and having a three-day major sale, where she could buy one item for regular price (which is already half-price, right?) and get another item for 50 percent off.

That's right: Anything in the store is 50 percent off the already clearance price when you buy one item at regular clearance price. Handbags. Shoes. Dresses. Hats. Belts. Headbands. All of it.

So like any good girl with a dwindling account and a desire to spend small and live big, she purchased a pair of Department of Peace pants at half-off (20 bucks!) because she bought a long-overdue wedding gift on the cheap. And for once, she was no longer consumed with guilt. Just the pleasure of doing a job well done.

Saks Off Fifth, 655 Nicollet Mall; 612.222.7200