Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh, sweet frickles!

The Town Talk Diner is, appropriately, the talk of the town. Critics love it. Families flock to it. And babies, holding up a wedge of their grilled cheese like a trophy, sometimes offer to share their meal with the woman two tables over gorging on the best boozy malt on the planet, the Johnny Cold Train.

But not everyone has been so brave as to try the seemingly State Fair-esque fried pickles, aptly named "frickles." We have actually banned fried food from our diet for a variety of reasons, but we threw those rules onto Lake Street to indulge in these sweet-and-sour house-made pickled pleasures. Pickled at Town Talk and fried in a delicate tempura, they're like little golden coins dropped from a lightly fried heaven. And dipped in their homemade honey-dijon dill sauce? Lordy Gabordy. We were almost off the no-fried green-covered wagon for good.

That's the thing about these delicate pickled wafers. They don't taste heavy and fried, because they're dusted with a thin coating of sweet tempura that's almost translucent. Just look at that former cuke inside that gilded blanket! Baby is all grown up! And so delicious. Yoink!

We could gobble them up like potato chips...if we ate those kind of things, of course.

Town Talk Diner: