Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It ain't easy being green

Today has been full of carbon-footprint reminders. MPR's "Morning Edition" featured the hot topic. The boulevards throughout the Cities finally are turning a delicious lime green. And the cherry blossoms are whispering fragrant secrets about the future and all that we can't leave behind.

Perhaps it was from some self-help book hidden under our pillow that we gleaned this information. (We like to think of the pillow process as therapeutic diffusion, or entropy, or osmosis, or something equally super-scientific.) But we also read/diffused something about May 2 being the big day to finally show the universe your very best self. (We're trying, you berating self-help book! We're trying!)

Personally, we can't think of a better way to take that precarious first step than to plan on attending the Living Green Expo at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds this weekend. Not only will it be an educational event full of info on green living in every area--from yard and garden, transportation, recreation, food, household goods, and more--but the event also hosts an art exhibit (curated by the passionate and discerning art historian Roslye B. Ultan) and performance from one of Minneapolis' finest and soon-to-be-loved-worldwide songwriters, Chris Koza.

And, of course, there's the eco-friendly fashion show, where sweet Hemp Queen reigns.

Living Green:
Living Green Exhibit, Saturday and Sunday; 10 a.m till 5:00 p.m.; State Fairgrounds; free