Thursday, May 3, 2007

YouTube doesn't bring me flowers

She spent her weekend days making movies. The short films were miniature meditations on hyper-awareness and unconsciousness; brief dissertations on experience and inertia. So darn profound, she thought. She so was going to put these beautiful babies on YouTube, sit back, and wait for the accolades.

She got her first response just moments after posting her movie. "Ha ha! You suck, loser! I H8 this! I just wasted four minutes of my life, you idiot!" And then two seconds later, she read this comment: "This is sooooo lame! Totally sux! Not even funny! DIAF!" Huh. Not quite the giddy response she was hoping for. Darn kids. Totally not LOL.

So when she heard about the upcoming "No Mittens Film Festival" at Rosalux Gallery, she knew she'd found a possible home for her films about dueling dualities--hot suns and honeysuckle, bitter nights and winter blankets--and everything in between. The Minneapolis art gallery recently put out an open call for video shorts featuring themes of winter and sleep. All entries must be postmarked by May 30th; the festival is July 27th.

Finally, she thought, someone who can't simply respond to her beddy-bye/wide-eyed pieces in instant text speak. So she carefully packed her precious-little-baby videos in envelopes, addressed them to the Rosalux Gallery on Washington, and scribbled a quick note on the outside of the package: "I hope it's not too L8! Please pick me! Awes! LOL!"

Rosalux Gallery, "No Mittens Film Festival":