Monday, July 9, 2007

Wayzata Yacht Club for the less ambitious: The EMYC

At first, we were repelled by the Centennial Lakes development in Edina-- it felt like a cheap Disneyworld for empty nesters with its quaint fake lakes and its quaint Potemkin village shopping centers and its fake community.

The one thing that melted our hearts? The old dudes in plaid and denim and rubber boots who brought their model sailboats down to the "lake" and sailed the little sea under a light press of autumn air.

It turns out the Edina Model Yacht Club is the only group of its kind in the Twin Cities. Each Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evening they have the run of the central pond with their radio-controlled sailers and electric tugboats. (Gasoline engines strictly prohibited in the bylaws, "to maintain a quiet atmosphere." God bless you, gentlemen.)

Edina Modle Yacht Club,